My three siblings and I are first-generation Mexican-Americans who were raised in Southern California by my mother, a single parent and teacher. My mother always instilled in me the importance of education. Therefore, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a doctor, and optometry seemed like the right choice for me.
Studying for the national boards exams is daunting task. As students, we are expected to learn, memorize, and retain a great deal of information in preparation. As a person who always tries to be as prepared as possible, I searched for routes that would aid me in my studies. The OptoPrep program provided me the knowledge, skills, and practice experience to help me excel on my national boards exams.
I am currently a fourth year O.D./M.S. student at the University of Houston College of Optometry. I am finishing up my Master's thesis on new, objective, and non-invasive techniques to assess dry eye status.
Afterwards, I plan to pursue a residency and open a private practice. I would like to thank OptoPrep for helping me excel as a student and prepare me for my career after graduation.”

What made you want to become an optometrist?

I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor. Becoming an optometrist would allow me to pursue my dream, in a way that would be satisfying professionally and financially, as well as allow for a family-friendly lifestyle.

How has optometry school changed the way you look at patients and their conditions/treatment? Or changed the way you look at this profession?

Since entering optometry school, I now have a much greater appreciation for patient care. Patient care involves more than simply diagnosing and treating ocular conditions, it entails building rapport, managing patient expectations, and creating trusting relationships, among other things. I now have a better understanding of the role optometry plays in the United States healthcare system.

Why did you choose OptoPrep?

I first signed up for the daily OptoPrep questions. I really enjoyed answering challenging questions. The best part of OptoPrep is the explanations to the questions; this helps students to understand why an answer is correct or not!

How has your experience been using OptoPrep?

My experience with OptoPrep was fantastic! I truly felt like the OptoPrep material helped create a strong foundation for me to succeed on my national boards exams. I credit OptoPrep for helping me be as prepared as possible!

Why would you recommend this program to another student?

I would recommend OptoPrep to every optometry student in the country who seeks to do well on the national boards exams.


How do you feel OptoPrep has prepared or will prepare you for the optometric profession?

The information and knowledge I have gained through the OptoPrep program has helped me become a better student, scientist, and clinician. I feel more confident performing comprehensive eye exams for patients after going through the OptoPrep program.

What do you most look forward to as a optometrist?

I look forward to helping as many people as possible enjoy a better quality of life through improving ocular health and vision!