“I would not be where I am today without OptoPrep! The knowledge that I received from this program was literally life changing. Sometimes I still look at the PowerPages for a quick refresh!”

What made you want to become an optometrist?

I wanted to help kids! I was on the pre-med track to become a pediatrician when someone told me an optometrist who worked with kids was rare! So I changed to pre-optometry :)

How has optometry school changed the way you look at patients and their conditions/treatment? Or changed the way you look at this profession?

I look at the patient as more of a whole than just their eyes!

Why did you choose OptoPrep?

I needed more practice with test like questions than just re-reading things over and over again

How was your experience using OptoPrep?

I loved it! It was easy to use and I could easily tell what I needed to work on more through the statistics


How did OptoPrep help you study for the NBEO®?

It led me to areas I was not as strong in and helped me focus more on those

Why would you recommend this program to another student?

Because boards are hard and everyone needs direction when it comes to studying the amount of material we do!

How do you feel OptoPrep has prepared or will prepare you for the optometric profession?

The questions and PowerPages definitely helped solidify my knowledge base to better help me treat my patients

What are you doing now?

I am currently working in a small town. I am able to work with kids doing vision therapy and I love it!!

How do you think OptoPrep can help make a difference in the optometric community?

By helping students pass boards and retain the knowledge they get from studying OptoPrep we will have a stronger more knowledgeable optometric community!